She meets her former lover who becomes his fountain of youth. This is a dance song that turns nostalgic into enjoyment.

  • Plaza Francia

    Plaza Francia is a project with a multicultural source that brings together three artists coming from distant musical genres. There is Catherine Ringer, who already payed a tribute to Latin America and Argentinian choreographer Marcia Moretto, with her famous song «Marcia Baila». Then there are two of the three members of Gotan Project, Müller and Makaroff, seeking new adventures. Building a bridge between pop music and tango and expressing that strong sense of desire: that is the ambition of Plaza Francia. Getting rid of codes and genres by creating a new one.

  • Le Tango

    Tango is a social dance, a dance of improvisation, performed by two people. Although practised in all parts of the world, tango was considered indecent for a very long time, before it became a popular dance. Tango was born in the 19th century. During that time, it encompassed various ritualized types of dance and music, performed by African slaves sent to Latin America, in their encounter with European immigrants settled in Argentina. It arrived in Europe the following century, when young men from the Argentinian and Uruguayan middle class were introduced to the French society. Tango then became a ballroom dance, and took the way back to its origin (?). Tango became a famous musical genre, and the cultural expression of Rio de la Plata communities.

  • Milonga

    A milonga is a place where Argentinian tango is danced. It is also the name of the event in itself: the gathering during which tango is performed. Milonga is the name of a rhythm that is a part of tango too. Milongas were born in Buenos Aires, but today one finds them everywhere in the world, especially in France.

  • Music

    The argentinian tango is made of a musical color, an atmosphere, a sounding expression which has changed a lot from its origins to the 60’s, and that gives it a real identity. The tango is a music traditionally played by an orchestra, composed by a piano, a contrabass, violins, and bandoneons. The bandoneon is the typical tango instrument. Nowadays, the tango often goes with electronic music. Gotan Project was the first band to mix the two genres and is today the most important. Müller and Makaroff are forerunners of the genre. In 2011, they became «Chevaliers de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres».

  • Rio De La Plata

    Tango was born in the periphery of Rio de la Plata, in the streets of Buenos Aires in Argentina, and Montevideo in Uruguay. It was the initial meeting point for little dances organized by local immigrant communities, and for popular and festive gatherings. Rio de la Plata then became the birthplace of Argentinian tango, as a result of this mix of traditional dance steps from immigrants from various parts of the world.

  • Cherkaoui

    Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui is Belgian-Moroccan. He’s part of that young generation of artists that represents a fresh wave in the Belgian and Moroccan choreographic art landscape. He started as a choreographer in 1999, and has since initiated many artistic productions, for which he was rewarded. In 2013, he was named «Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres.» Cherkaoui has always liked shaking up the codes. With his creation «Milonga», he revisited tango to reveal its whole sensuality, by gathering a couple as a unique entity, dominated by their artistic identity.




The secret this pop song is about is never revealed to the listener. Choice is given to him to imagine it, don’t we all have a secret garden ?

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